About Us

A-lectron Inc. is a family owned and operated Canadian Enterprise that has been in business since 2012.

We buy branded electronics from liquidations, closeouts, overstocks, surplus inventories, inventory liquidations, discontinued merchandise, salvage liquidations, excess stocks and distressed goods. We take unwanted, unneeded and overstock inventories and resell them on the retail market. And along the way we do some good for the planet by finding new homes for the items that are no longer needed.

We believe that extending the lifespan of any electronics is a green step to protect the environment. For every electronic item we buy and then sell, one “new” electronic item will not be manufactured, and one “old” electronic item will not reach Canada’s landfills. Once we receive our goods, we decide whether they can be reused or recycled. if the items are in a working condition, we securely and confidentially destroy all personal data and sell them for reuse. On the other hand, when an electronic is in a non-working condition, our trained technicians would identify the electronic components that can be reused. All other electronics that cannot be reused are recycled responsibly.

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